• 384 Mb
  • Royalty-Free
  • Tempo-Key


  • Construction Kits
  • Loops
  • Vocals


  • WAV

“King of Trap” by Smokey Loops: a professional and versatile sample pack designed to elevate your Trap music productions. Packed with premium sounds and meticulously crafted content, “King of Trap” offers a diverse range of elements to help you create chart-topping tracks. With 8 Construction Kits, Drum Loops, Bass Loops, Melody Loops, Vocals, and more, this sample pack is a must-have for Trap music producers.

Each Construction Kit within “King of Trap” is expertly produced and includes all the necessary components to build a complete Trap track. From hard-hitting drums and booming 808s to captivating melodies and intricate basslines, these Construction Kits provide a solid foundation for your musical ideas.

The Drum Loops in this sample pack are carefully designed to deliver the punch and energy that Trap music demands. Expect crisp snares, booming kicks, precise hi-hats, and intricate percussion, all professionally mixed and ready to drop into your productions.

To add depth and character to your tracks, the Bass Loops in “King of Trap” offer a wide range of sonically rich and powerful basslines. Whether you’re aiming for gritty and distorted or smooth and melodic, these loops will help you achieve that signature Trap sound.

Melody Loops are a key ingredient in any Trap production, and this sample pack has them in abundance. From haunting synth melodies to catchy chord progressions and captivating arpeggios, these loops will instantly spark your creativity and give your tracks an irresistible hook.

Vocals play a significant role in Trap music, and “King of Trap” delivers impactful vocal samples that will elevate your productions. Whether you’re looking for energetic ad-libs, catchy vocal hooks, or inspiring vocal phrases, this sample pack has you covered.

Best of all, “King of Trap” is 100% royalty-free, allowing you to use the samples and loops in your commercial productions without any additional costs or legal implications.

Product Details:
• 173 Total Files
• 384 MB
• 24-Bit Quality
• Tempo and Key Labeled
• 100% Royalty-Free

• 8 Kits
• 8 Demo Mix
• 35 One Shots
• 27 Fx Loops
• 22 Vocal Loops
• 18 Synth Loops
• 14 Kick Loops
• 10 808 Loops
• 10 Snare Loops
• 9 Drop Synth Loops
• 8 Hihat Loops
• 6 Perc Loops
• 6 Top Loops
• 6 Fill Loops
• 4 Bass Loops
• 4 Clap Loops
• 4 Sub Loops
• 3 Ride Loops
• 3 Drum Loops
• 2 Piano Loops
• 2 Lead Loops
• 2 Pad Loops
• 1 Melody Loop
• 1 Chord Loop
• 1 Guitar Loop
• 1 Harp Loop